Antique Repair & Restoration

Fine carved wooden frame re-upholstered with patterned fabric carefully cut on the repeat for seat, back and arms.

Magnificent armchair

Furniture Springs

Furniture springs of all types and sizes – many kept in stock.

furniture springs

Sofa Repairs

From settle to armchair all sofas and frames repaired, re-upholstered and re-padded.

…some are surprisingly complex round the back.


Curtains & Soft Furnishings

Curtains made to measure using your design selection, material and measurements.

Cushions, throws, screens – you name it we can do it.

A huge range of cloth samples is kept in our showroom – come and browse.

Furniture Repair & Restoration

Your furniture can be brought back to the standard of beauty and strength you would like.  No job too small or too big – just ask and will let you know what we can do.

This tired old chair is showing all the signs of many years of loving use.

The material pattern is missing from areas most rubbed.

The wood is stained with dirt and the chair creaks worryingly as you sit on it.

Time to bring it to King & Eastland and have it restored.






The finished restoration fully brings back the material finish and padding the wood is cleaned, but patina of age is retained.  Open and weak joints are now soundly re-made. The tools used and ironmongery are all sympathetic to the need to retain the original look and feel unless you ask for it to be changed.


The task can be one of the finest upholstery to form a grand centrepiece to a stately room.

three padded seats in one centrepiece of furniture

Wooden Furniture Restoration

Starting from the frame we assess the condition of the wood, joints, back and feet before moving on to required finish you are looking for.  Some older frames become loose  and although they look sound in all other respects the ability to hold new upholstery tacks and support weight requires reinforcement, replacement or enhancement.

Light Wooden Framed Sofa